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Rebecca Moore writes creative short stories, poetry, and flash fiction under her pen name, Becca.  Her "day job" as a private investigator, focused on criminal defense, has inspired her art of storytelling.  In her writing, as in life with 12 grandchildren, Becca is a lover of all shenanigans.







At the window, calls echo off the glass

My eyes strain to see the caller of the cry


Sun warms the air through the glass pane

The voice is hushed by the weight of the heat


Becoming desperate as the sky darkens

Echoes bounce off the ceiling, off the clouded sky


Frenetic, intense sounds expelled by the unseen solid

Rain drips down the glass and runs in my reflection

All Writings and Photography by Becca©

"He who wrestles with us, strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skills. Our antagonist is our helper."

                                                     --Edmond Burke


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