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Rebecca Moore writes creative short stories, poetry, and flash fiction under her pen name, Becca.  Her "day job" as a private investigator, focused on criminal defense, has inspired her art of storytelling.  In her writing, as in life with 12 grandchildren, Becca is a lover of all shenanigans.


I Fall


I heard tell of a man who has eyes as blue as the ocean

when frozen along the shores of the far north.


The tales told of the depth of his voice,

the richness of its tones, and the hunger in its purr.

They did not tell of his laugh; his entrancing smile;

or his soft kisses.


Unshared went stories of how his touch

could leave a body quivering. How, in his hands hearts melt,

and into his arms a body will surrender,

unable to rise again.


Never was I warned of the power he held,

the strength of his soul’s pull—equal to that of the moon—

and so I fell.


I fall.

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"He who wrestles with us, strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skills. Our antagonist is our helper."

                                                     --Edmond Burke


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