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Billy Collins invented the paradelle as a joke. It is actually a wonderful puzzle.

Lonesome Cowboy's Song

A Paradelle

By Becca

Ride into town on your Pinto

Your hat sitting low, hiding the sun

Your hat low, hiding the sun

Ride into town sitting on your Pinto

Proper in white, with chaps of leather

Carrying a Fanner 50 and a poker face

Proper in poker

With chaps carrying a Fanner 50

And a white face of leather

Off the dusty trail, sipping a sarsaparilla

Bedroll laid out under a tree, sun sets

Under a dusty tree off the sarsaparilla trail

Laid out bedroll, sipping, a sun sets

Ride the dusty trail into town

With a bedroll on your Pinto

Your proper white hat sitting low

Chaps of leather, off, laid out

In sun under the tree, sipping sarsaparilla

Hiding and carrying a Fanner 50

A poker-face sun sets

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