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When I Struggle

An empty page can be very daunting. It takes some time to learn the skill of sitting down and facing the empty page with no prompt to begin. I do not have this skill. I have recently learned to get my mind active it is effective to set a 10-minute timer, then just write. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Write everything you can imagine connected to that topic. Move the words around; play with the words you choose; ask yourself why this particular thought arose. This exercise then becomes your prompt.

Also, remember there are topics everywhere. Think exterior: what is happening around you; what conversations do you overhear; what external events are you facing; and within eyesight, what makes you happy, sad, angry...this moment? Internally, what are your reactions to the external happenings? What comments or thoughts would you add to the conversations you hear? What hot topics have you had thoughts about recently?

These small changes in my daily writing--yes, daily--helps ward off writer's block. Back to "daily." You should keep a journal, sketch out your ideas, use it for the timed writing, and make note of the prompts around you. Don't forget to carry a small notepad for when you're out. My dad always said, "If you want to be a writer, write."

Most of all, have fun.

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